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Product @hyperverge. I write about a lot of things, mostly tech.
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While decentralized finance allows for the construction and adoption of new financial products and services, it is important to understand that there are possible vulnerabilities that can expose capital to risk with any innovation in finance and technology. …

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The notion is the one of most widely used note-taking applications out there, used for both personal and professional use. Notion has become the default knowledge-management software for startups, competing against the likes of Confluence and Evernote.

Notion used a combination of strategies to scale to over a million users…

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Over time, I have built out a repository of some neat tricks you can use to easily manipulate your files on vim. I feel this can be useful for the broader vim community.

Restore a file to an earlier time

:earlier 30m

This will restore the file to how it was 30 minutes earlier. Voila!

Executing commands from vim


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“Technology for Product Managers” is a series intended to up-skill current and aspiring PMs on popular technologies used in building the next-generation products used and loved across the world. This series will also help you prepare for technical interviews at top technology firms.

Spotify is in a tough business. It…

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In general, while doing code reviews, I have developed a strong notion of why the use of null (or nil, NULL, nullptr etc depending on your programming language) generally causes more problems than it solves.

The fundamental problem of null is that it is trying to represent the fact that…

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Golang’s native libraries provide an immense amount of functionality that can be leveraged to deal with time in its various formats, extract detailed information from it and manage it effectively in your codebase. Let us take a look at them.

Time Initialization

All common use cases related to formatting and using time…

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Recommender Systems are extremely powerful tools in personalizing the experience of your digital product. Personalization is a proven tool that makes your product more sticky, improves retention and conversion rates. …

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Regular expressions are a widely used way of defining and using search patterns for strings and building find/replace functionality into software. However, dealing with them can sometimes lead to frustration from the confusion created by hundreds of libraries and frameworks, each using slightly different approaches to regex handling.

With Golang…

Learn to use in-built Go features to handle Unix commands

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Accepting and processing signals from the operating system is important for various use cases in applications.

While many server-side languages have complicated or tedious approaches to processing signals from the OS, with Golang applications it’s extremely intuitive. Golang’s in-built OS package provides an easy way to integrate and react to…

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Java 12 is here. And it has brought a lot of new features and improvements that I’m personally very excited about. From a language and syntax perspective, the most impressive upgrade is the new optimized way of writing switch cases. Let’s take a look at it!

For our sample scenario…

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